The effect of StarPower on our conditions was an accidental discovery. With a little knowledge of the physiology of the root causes of Psoriasis, Crohn's or ulcerative colitis, we thought that our Vitamin D3 compound might be effective. Examining the available literature does suggest that Vitamin D should be effective in managing the symptoms of Crohn's and UC (consult the original research links on the website). At least there was nothing to lose giving it a try since Vitamin D and the other vitamins and minerals in StarPower are common in many foods. What is unique about StarPower is the method in which the VitD is manufactured and the specific combination of elements most notably using folic acid as a VitD supportive enzymatic agent.


Who we are: We are not a 'drug' company, or physicians.  Bill Supple is a Ph. D. neuroscientist (his brain research references are here, if you're interested) who developed the StarPower formula to eradicate his psoriasis and who continues to do research into the ways that vitD can improve overall well-being and longevity. In a strange way he feel's lucky to have had this autoimmune disease because without it he would not have been motivated to solve his own problems, experiment and eventually develop a useful treatment without any negative side effects.

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