StarPower Immune System Support Formula

If you can't, won't or don't get natural vitamin D from the sun, then you need to supplement with StarPower.

Why StarPower is unique (not just simple vitamin D that's in the supermarket or vitamin store):

• Vitamin D - Folic Acid Complex (proprietary process)
• Unique recipe of UV-B light spectra used to manufacture the vitD
• 120 tablet bottles
• Made in America

Since StarPower replicates many of the effects of simple sunshine there are no side-effects!

100% Money-back guarantee! If you don't feel noticeably better after your first bottle of StarPower, return the empty bottle for a Full Refund!
FYI, No one has ever asked for a refund!

Replace - Replete - Optimize: StarPower works through a dual-action, sequential phase process. First, StarPower replaces the Vitamin D that the body is missing. Once StarPower repletes the body's levels of vitD, the lifespan of the active vitD hormone (1,25(OH)D3) is prolonged by temporarily blocking the enzyme CYP24A1 at the target receptor. Specifically, the folic acid in StarPower blocks the transcription of the gene that manufactures the CYP24A1 enzyme which typically inactivates the active vitD hormone.  This dual-action, sequential phase mechanism first replaces essential Vitamin D, and then prolongs the time-period that the active vitD hormone is at the receptor. Sounds complicated but it really is quite simple...replace what's missing and the system operates as intended.

Each StarPower tablet contains:

5150 IU Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol

600 mg Calcium Carbonate

400 mcg Folic Acid

200 mg Potassium Gluconate

The ingredients in StarPower could not be any simpler or safer. The vitamins, minerals and elements are contained in common, everyday foods. Potassium, calcium, B-vitamin (folate) and vitamin D3 from the sun are combined in a special formula that produces powerful effects.

Why 120 tablet bottles?  Vitamin D rapidly degrades when exposed to air. As soon as the bottle is opened, the clock starts ticking toward a significant loss of potency. Buying any type of vitamin D in larger than 120 count increments is pointless. 

StarPower is SAFE: StarPower simply replaces what your body is missing (Vitamin D) and then optimizes the function of that Vitamin D enabling your body to function as intended!

Made in the United States: StarPower is manufactured in the United States under the strictest FDA mandated standards. 

 NOTE: You'll have the option to order multiple bottles on the next screen after you click "Add to Shopping bag"