How StarPower Works:

StarPower, is vitamin D3 produced using a proprietary 'recipe' of ultraviolet light spectra. This novel form of Vitamin D is then potentiated through the extension of the half-life of the active vitamin D hormone [1,25(OH)D3] by folic acid (a CYP24A1 enzymatic antagonist), optimized by the elemental base metals calcium and potassium, both of which have structural and functional consequences for the biological action of 1,25(OH)D3 at the vitaminD receptor in target tissue.

Translation: StarPower consists of a special type of Vitamin D. When this vitD is converted inside the body into the active hormone that results in genetic activation to normalize function and synthesize healthy tissue. The folic acid is essential as it prolongs the time that the active hormone survives. Folic acid does this by blocking the genes necessary to manufacture the enzyme that breaks down the active vitD hormone. Simple.


What's in StarPower? IS IT SAFE?

The ingredients in StarPower could not be any simpler or safer. The vitamins, minerals and other substances are contained in common, everyday foods shown in the image. Potassium, calcium, B-vitamins (folate) and vitamin D3 from elements of sunlight are combined in a very special formula that produces powerful effects.