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New COVID-19 Related Vitamin D Research

1- Vitamin D level of at least 50 ng/ml equates to 0 mortality from COVID

2-Vitamin D deficiency linked directly to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
3-Evidence that vitamin D could reduce Covid-19 deaths
4-Role of Vitamin D in suppressing cytokine storm in Covid-19

How Vitamin D May Be Key to Understanding COVID-19

Preventing a Possible Second Deadlier Wave of COVID-19 in Fall - Maintain adequate vitamin D to fuel an effective immune response

Why you and your loved ones are most likely Vitamin D deficient - Blood levels of vitD measured as 25(OH)D are 24 ng/ml for those with lighter skin and 14 ng/ml for those with darker skin (Ginde et al 2009). 77% of US population is lacking adequate vitD (Ginde et al 2009). These levels are vastly lower than what is recommended for optimal immune system function (Veugelers & Ekwaru, 2014). Most people in the United States live at a latitude of between 30 and 45-degrees North of the equator. The ultraviolet B rays from the sun that produce skin-generated Vitamin D are effective only during May to November  – which is just 50% of the year. People who have dark skin, are older, and/or obese produce even less Vitamin D when their skin is exposed to sun vs. paler skin.  Compounding these risk factors is that recently people have become irrationally fearful of any sun exposure at all. Reckless use of sunscreen and exclusive indoor activity leads to chronic Vitamin D starvation to such an extent that standard blood tests find little evidence of any circulating vitamin D in a significant percentage of the population.   


Lack of adequate Vitamin D is a significant health risk. Humans evolved under the rays of the sun. We know the sun makes Vitamin D in our skin. There are about 40 trillion cells in the human body and receptors for Vitamin D are in almost every cell - which is why vitamin D affects so many systems! We are now learning the consequences of removing the sun and its Vitamin D from our daily lives: chronic inflammation leading to ever increasing incidence of all autoimmune diseases and other sicknesses.

Stating the risks of vitamin D starvation in the most simplest of terms is this: Chances are you and your loved ones will die sooner/prematurely of any cause, the lower your vitamin D levels are, according to a recent study (Schottker, et. al, 2013).  A recent Swedish study found that sun avoidance is as much a risk factor for premature death as is smoking.




StarPower was developed by a neuroscientist to solve his inflammation-based disorder. StarPower is a unique compound that enhances the effects of the powerful steroid hormone known as Vitamin D. The Vitamin D in StarPower is produced using a unique recipe of UV-B light and critical co-factors that enhance the effectiveness and life-span of that vitamin D.

StarPower is supercharged vitamin D!

Serum 25-OHD (vitD) levels >40ng/ml associated with 67% less risk of all cancer types vs. levels of 20ng/ml (One StarPower daily gets serum 25-OHD to approximately 50ng/ml)

NEW REPORT - Sun avoidance is the same risk factor as is smoking for premature death. Journal of Internal Medicine link to paper here

Breast Cancer risk DECREASED 82% with Vitamin D - June 2019

Life Expectancy DECLINES in the US for the first time in decades! The cost of chronic sun avoidance (vitamin D starvation) is starting to show up in population-wide statistics. Don't be a statistic!

Some scientists say VitD can replace many medicines used for heart disease

REPORT  - HIV drug effectiveness varies with Vitamin D status story here

 A recent report finds that all cancers are up 8% in the past 5 years


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