Most People are Severely Vitamin D Deficient
– Even the healthiest looking people!


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The vast majority of people in the United States live at a latitude of between 30 and 45-degrees North of the equator. The ultraviolet B rays from the sun that produce skin-generated Vitamin D are effective only during the summer months – which is just 25% of the year. People who have dark skin, are older, and/or obese produce even less Vitamin D when their skin is exposed to sun.  Compounding these risk factors is that recently people have become irrationally fearful of any sun exposure at all. Reckless use of sunscreen and exclusive indoor activity leads to chronic Vitamin D starvation to such an extent that standard blood tests find little evidence of any circulating vitamin D in a significant percentage of the population.

Lack of circulating Vitamin D is a significant health risk. Humans evolved under the rays of the sun. We know the sun makes Vitamin D in our skin. We know receptors for Vitamin D are in almost every tissue type in the body. We are now learning the consequences of removing the sun and its Vitamin D from our daily lives: chronic inflammation leading to ever increasing rates of all autoimmune diseases in the industrialized world. To state the risk of vitamin D starvation in the most simplest terms follows: Chances are you and your loved ones will die sooner/prematurely of all causes, the lower your vitamin D levels according to a recent study (Schottker, et. al, 2013). 

NEWS FLASH --Dec 12, 2013 A new report finds that all cancers are up 8% in the past 5 years story here


Risk Factors for Chronic Vitamin D Starvation

  • NORTH-SOUTH GRADIENT: Autoimmune disease incidence for Psoriasis, Arthritis, MS, Heart Disease, specific Cancers, Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis is greater at higher geographic latitudes (less solar-generated vitamin D), both in the northern and southern hemisphere.
  • WHERE YOU LIVE:  If you live in an urban area or in an industrialized country, you're more likely to develop autoimmune disease. One reason is that air pollution reduces the effective Ultraviolet B spectrum of sunlight required for VitD synthesis in the skin.
  • AGE: The skin of a 50 yr old produces half as much Vitamin D per unit time when exposed to UVB rays than does a 20 year old’s skin. By age 70, the decrease is 75% compared to the 20 yr old. This phenomenon is a built-in death mechanism.
  • LATITUDE: Ultraviolet B rays (the band of sunlight that makes vitamin D in the skin) do not pass through clothing, glass and are reflected off the earth's atmosphere from October to May (northern hemisphere) in higher latitudes. 
  • SKIN COLOR: The darker the skin, the less Ultraviolet B absorption and the less Vitamin D3 production.
  • SUN BLOCK: Self-explanatory.
  • DIET: Dietary sources of Vitamin D3 are negligible. Enriched milk is usually 'fortified' with vitamin D2 which is 87% less bioactive than D3. Unless you're a fan of greasy, oily fish like sardines and mackerel, you're not getting much Vitamin D3 through diet.

Chances are most of those you know, including yourself, are Vitamin D3 deficient.


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